ESTO ES BLANCO is a jewelry brand for the curious and wild souls. The name means: this is white, because for us, life is a blank canvas, ready for you to create stuff. Big or small, with or without fear; it doesn’t matter if you do it with passion.



Our pieces are eclectic, unique and have no gender. We create from scratch and give meaning to things there were only things before.

Handcrafted and locally produced in Barcelona. Our work is conceptual, inventive and wearable. We carefully choose the materials we use, basing our decisions on the environmental impact. 



You can take the chance to create, or you can take the chance to not create. What’s more, by creating nothing you are somehow generating something.

So, there is no way out. You are born to be an artist. Be gentle to yourself, you are both the white canvas and the final masterpiece. 



We choose to work on demand because it allows us to be more sustainable and deliver a valuable product. By creating each piece to order we avoid unnecessary stock and waste of energy  and resources. 

Each design is created one by one and  involves a minimum of 120 minutes of manual labor and effort.



We only work with fine and reusable materials. All metal pieces are made in solid Sterling silver (925) and then coated in 18k yellow gold. For glass creations we use borosilicate glass which stands out for its hardness and resistance. 

Both metal and glass waste is recycled in our studio. 



Our creations come to live in our Studio in Barcelona. It’s located in the lovely neighbor of Sants, and it’s an open workshop for jewelers and glass artists.  Doors are always open to welcome you.

Barcelona Glass Studio. Carrer de la Saleta 3B, 08028, Barcelona.

For gold-plating we work with local suppliers and friends. 



We don't follow the traditional cycle of seasonal fashion because it produces a serious overproduction problem.

We work with drops and small but valuable collections. Our jewelry is timeless and unique, so each piece can be worn at every occasion or place; at any time of the year and as many times as you want. 



The good is shared. That's why we are giving workshops and regular jewelry classes in our studio in Barcelona. For more info: info@estoesblanco.com